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Peripheral facilities

Nearby Spots

The best location full of charm"Onna Village"

Since it is located just in the middle of Okinawa,
Great access to both north and south.
It is easy to visit not only famous sightseeing spots, but also rare spots that only locals know,
The experience in Onna Village will fully fill your life.

A relaxing and peaceful day

The fantastic sunset seen from the beach will give you energy and vitality.

Please spend a special time with activity experience and taste gourmet.

There are many izakayas and cafes within walking distance, and if you drive, there are places such as the following that will create the best trip.
Why don't you go with your loved one?
  • Agu Shabushabu Milk

    How about having Agu pork shabu-shabu at night when you are tired from sightseeing?
    Beat the egg in a bowl and mix it like sukiyaki with black pepper.
    Homemade dashi soup is excellent even if it is rice porridge.
    Parking lot available,Reservation required.
  • Forest adventure

    This facility, which has the principle of "protecting your own safety by yourself", will proceed by clearing many adventures while operating safety equipment by itself.
    The ocean view, which you can see from the fun to the entrance to the horror, is superb.
    Children in the 4th grade and above can also experience it, so why not deepen the bond between parents and children?
  • Manzamo

    A famous tourist spot located in the center of Onna Village
    The magnificent scenery made of the characteristic Ryukyu limestone that looks like an elephant's nose gives you a sense of relaxation.
    The entrance fee is also reasonable at 100 yen.
  • Mt Katsuudake

    This mountain, known only by the locals, has an altitude of 452m and is suitable for beginners.
    After climbing for about 40 minutes one way, you will see a magnificent view of the sea and nature.
    It is one of the popular spots on SNS, so why not visit it?
  • ENZO

    The Italian food you eat while looking at the sea is exquisite.
    The spacious terrace and the store are filled with laughter.
    It's the place used in the PV of "Relax & Chill" sung by AAA Takahiro Nishijima.